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Drugs in the City

July 20, 2011
k2 also known as spice

So I find it interesting that drugs intrude my life so much and i do not do drugs or even like them. a few weeks ago I was watching the news and northern Kentucky changed the law. they changed it to were a person must have more drugs on them than usual to go to jail. they changed this law so that there would be more space in their prisons for people who do worse crimes. I was furious when i watched this because I live very close to Cincinnati and was born and mostly raised there. Cincinnati is very close to northern Kentucky obviously and so when this law was changed in Kentucky i knew it would affect the drug flow into Cincinnati and surrounding areas. sure enough today on the news they reported that there was more heroin overdoses than usual and so Cincinnati was cracking down on drug users…..I wander if the cops or any officials in Cincinnati have linked this to the changing laws in northern Kentucky or am i the only one who sees this? …just a thought.

weed is a very common drug among people these days. i find it makes people “zombie like” and I refuse to date anyone who smokes weed. the other day my boyfriend and I were at a 4th of July party and he asked me if he could “smoke”. I told him if he did, that i would stay friends with him but that I would no longer go out with him. I wonder how long our relationship will last now that he has to choose between going back to smoking weed or staying with me. or will he smoke behind my back? soon after the party I caught him smoking k2 but did not dump him because it is legal. if it becomes illegal I don’t know if I will be so excepting. im not even sure if i like it now while it is legal because of the “zombie state” that it seems to put people in.

sometimes i think about turning my cousins and friends in to the police in hopes of it stopping the bad habit that seems to separate me from my family but i know i wont because they are my family and I don’t want them to go to jail.


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