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My friend the Drug Dealer

July 21, 2011

I have always been a magnet for what I think are weird people. Dont get me wrong they are my friends but some of them are weird. If you have not noticed in my other blogs I seem to have drugs intrude my life daily even though i do not do drugs. My friend that i have known for about 4 years now has grown from a small time drug dealer to a fairly big time dealer since iv known him and i have watched him curiously for many years now. It only occurred to me lately how well he is actually doing just selling weed. He does not grow his own but he gets it in mass quantities from someone else…i wont say names…and then he portions it out into 1/2 & 1/8 and things like that.

After he splits it up he just sits and waits for people to call and to knock on his door. He tells the people on the phone to come over then they hand him the money and he hands them the product. The only people he allows in his house are people he has met outside of his house on more than one occasion and only if a close friend of his can vouch for the person. People seem to respect my friend more than the average person and I have even seen women leave their husband in the car for 30min to an hour while my friend takes his time selling and talking just because my friend does not know there husband and vise versa.

Last time I was at my friend’s house we were drinking a little and he was doing a deal. He must have had a few to many bears because he did something he almost never does….he left his black box open and walked away. I have never seen inside this box because he opens it pulls out his money and his weed then closes it and locks it the whole time his back turned so no one can see. As soon as he walked away and into the back room of his house I got up walked over and looked into the medium-sized black box and low and behold there was a sack of money and sorted baggies of weed. I knew he would not come back to the kitchen because he was in the backroom smoking so I picked up the money and started to count. it was a very large stack of bills.

There was at least 2 grand. I thought for a second wow what a life …no job stay at home all day and play with your kid and people come to you. then I looked over on the shelf were the black box was kept. there was a tazer a gun and a knife. then i remembered at any time someone could rob him and he could not even tell the police. they could take his child if they ever found out, and put him in jail. Anyone could be a snitch.

LMAO if you read this you are probably thinking why would you post something so crazy on here? well I post it because maybe it will give someone an insight on why drugs suck. Drugs affect everyone not just the user. remember this is my friend and I love his little girl and I am sure eventually he will get in trouble and i hate to worry about that. just a view into my life. (:


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