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worst day ever so far

July 24, 2011

One of the worst days of my life was today. I had a boyfriend and he was perfect to me and he seemed to really like me. I did not sleep with him the first few dates we were on. then i did cuz i thought he was cute funny and pretty much prince charming. Then a few weeks go by and slowly he starts not wanting to hang out with me as much and then I catch him in a lie but he appologizes and all is ok. Then the whole week goes by and he does not call me and so i call him and he hangs up on me. I have no clue what is going on and i am completely crushed so i go to my aunt and uncles house to ask them why he will not talk to me and they tell me its because he does not like calling my house because he does not like my grandma but the truth is he has called my house after he stopped likeing my grandma so i dont understand what is going on. so i feal like he was being disrespectful and since he will not answer his phone i called him and left a voicemail telling him we are over. How do I keep finding guys who will not treat me right? Anyways I think i am just going to stop dateing and be a total dick to guys from now on. That is one thing that happened the second thing is I have no money so i had no cigs all day and also locked my keys in my house. I had to walk to the neighbors who we are not friends with and ask to use the phone. thankfully they let me and i got my grandma to come give me another key to the house. all of my neighbors live far down the road because i live in a community on the outskirts of the city and it is farmland and woods. plus it was 90 something degrees outside! life sucks sometimes.


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