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The Reds Experiance

July 25, 2011

Great American Ball Park

Cincinnati is a lovely city that has a large variety of things to do, but every city is different from the rest in some way. In Cincinnati one of those differences happens to be that we are the home of baseballs first pro franchise, the Reds @ the Great American Ball Park. If you are living in Cincinnati and you have not been to a Reds game you should be ashamed! It does not matter if you are male or female, child or adult, poor or rich, you will simply fall in love with the atmosphere @ a Reds game.

Going to a Reds game is an experience like no other. First you find the appropriate clothes to wear. They must be red white and black of course because if you accidentally wear the other teams colors that would be awkward…and anyways the saying goes ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do.’ When you arrive to the city it is not hard to find the stadium because there is always lots of enthusiastic Reds fans walking toward it. So just follow them. When you find a descent parking spot and you get out of your car be prepared for noisy excited crowds and loud mouth venders everywhere. Follow the crowd to the ticket booth and wait  in line to purchase your ticket. While waiting in line you may want to check out the outside view of the stadium and the statues of famous ball players. Notice that the gardens have no plants in them because they are actually pieces of playing fields.

Inside the stadium is when the real fun begins. It is packed full of red white and black crowds. The smell of delicious food and trust me there is a good variety of things to eat. If you want something to wash it down with get a pop or buy some beer. Now the game is gonna start so head to your seat. If you have never been in a stadium before then this will amaze you! hundreds  and maybe even thousands of people everywhere! It’s amazing that so many people would come to watch a single team. Reds fans are typically friendly people as are most of Cincinnati residents, so don’t forget to mingle.

Last but not least  is my personal favorite things about Reds games. The  chance to have your face shown on the big screen, and when I say big screen I mean the biggest screen ever and the hundreds of people in the stadium watch it during breaks,if you do get on their you better be prepared to kiss your man or woman or cheer for the reds like you’ve never done before . Also the wave, when everyone in a section cheers and throws there arms to the sky and the next section goes up while the other sits down and so on. YOU KNOW! imagine hundreds of people doing the same thing and working together to have fun! Amazing.

When the Reds win there is fireworks and the whole stadium cheers and i have even seen some fans cry happy tears! Dont forget to throw an after party at your place or hit up the bars to celebrate and talk about the home runs, fastest pitches, and how hot Johny Vottos ass looks in tight pants (girls) the reds players have been known to go to close bars after their games! so keep an eye out !


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