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The Reds Experiance

Great American Ball Park

Cincinnati is a lovely city that has a large variety of things to do, but every city is different from the rest in some way. In Cincinnati one of those differences happens to be that we are the home of baseballs first pro franchise, the Reds @ the Great American Ball Park. If you are living in Cincinnati and you have not been to a Reds game you should be ashamed! It does not matter if you are male or female, child or adult, poor or rich, you will simply fall in love with the atmosphere @ a Reds game.

Going to a Reds game is an experience like no other. First you find the appropriate clothes to wear. They must be red white and black of course because if you accidentally wear the other teams colors that would be awkward…and anyways the saying goes ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do.’ When you arrive to the city it is not hard to find the stadium because there is always lots of enthusiastic Reds fans walking toward it. So just follow them. When you find a descent parking spot and you get out of your car be prepared for noisy excited crowds and loud mouth venders everywhere. Follow the crowd to the ticket booth and wait  in line to purchase your ticket. While waiting in line you may want to check out the outside view of the stadium and the statues of famous ball players. Notice that the gardens have no plants in them because they are actually pieces of playing fields.

Inside the stadium is when the real fun begins. It is packed full of red white and black crowds. The smell of delicious food and trust me there is a good variety of things to eat. If you want something to wash it down with get a pop or buy some beer. Now the game is gonna start so head to your seat. If you have never been in a stadium before then this will amaze you! hundreds  and maybe even thousands of people everywhere! It’s amazing that so many people would come to watch a single team. Reds fans are typically friendly people as are most of Cincinnati residents, so don’t forget to mingle.

Last but not least  is my personal favorite things about Reds games. The  chance to have your face shown on the big screen, and when I say big screen I mean the biggest screen ever and the hundreds of people in the stadium watch it during breaks,if you do get on their you better be prepared to kiss your man or woman or cheer for the reds like you’ve never done before . Also the wave, when everyone in a section cheers and throws there arms to the sky and the next section goes up while the other sits down and so on. YOU KNOW! imagine hundreds of people doing the same thing and working together to have fun! Amazing.

When the Reds win there is fireworks and the whole stadium cheers and i have even seen some fans cry happy tears! Dont forget to throw an after party at your place or hit up the bars to celebrate and talk about the home runs, fastest pitches, and how hot Johny Vottos ass looks in tight pants (girls) the reds players have been known to go to close bars after their games! so keep an eye out !


worst day ever so far

One of the worst days of my life was today. I had a boyfriend and he was perfect to me and he seemed to really like me. I did not sleep with him the first few dates we were on. then i did cuz i thought he was cute funny and pretty much prince charming. Then a few weeks go by and slowly he starts not wanting to hang out with me as much and then I catch him in a lie but he appologizes and all is ok. Then the whole week goes by and he does not call me and so i call him and he hangs up on me. I have no clue what is going on and i am completely crushed so i go to my aunt and uncles house to ask them why he will not talk to me and they tell me its because he does not like calling my house because he does not like my grandma but the truth is he has called my house after he stopped likeing my grandma so i dont understand what is going on. so i feal like he was being disrespectful and since he will not answer his phone i called him and left a voicemail telling him we are over. How do I keep finding guys who will not treat me right? Anyways I think i am just going to stop dateing and be a total dick to guys from now on. That is one thing that happened the second thing is I have no money so i had no cigs all day and also locked my keys in my house. I had to walk to the neighbors who we are not friends with and ask to use the phone. thankfully they let me and i got my grandma to come give me another key to the house. all of my neighbors live far down the road because i live in a community on the outskirts of the city and it is farmland and woods. plus it was 90 something degrees outside! life sucks sometimes.

My friend the Drug Dealer

I have always been a magnet for what I think are weird people. Dont get me wrong they are my friends but some of them are weird. If you have not noticed in my other blogs I seem to have drugs intrude my life daily even though i do not do drugs. My friend that i have known for about 4 years now has grown from a small time drug dealer to a fairly big time dealer since iv known him and i have watched him curiously for many years now. It only occurred to me lately how well he is actually doing just selling weed. He does not grow his own but he gets it in mass quantities from someone else…i wont say names…and then he portions it out into 1/2 & 1/8 and things like that.

After he splits it up he just sits and waits for people to call and to knock on his door. He tells the people on the phone to come over then they hand him the money and he hands them the product. The only people he allows in his house are people he has met outside of his house on more than one occasion and only if a close friend of his can vouch for the person. People seem to respect my friend more than the average person and I have even seen women leave their husband in the car for 30min to an hour while my friend takes his time selling and talking just because my friend does not know there husband and vise versa.

Last time I was at my friend’s house we were drinking a little and he was doing a deal. He must have had a few to many bears because he did something he almost never does….he left his black box open and walked away. I have never seen inside this box because he opens it pulls out his money and his weed then closes it and locks it the whole time his back turned so no one can see. As soon as he walked away and into the back room of his house I got up walked over and looked into the medium-sized black box and low and behold there was a sack of money and sorted baggies of weed. I knew he would not come back to the kitchen because he was in the backroom smoking so I picked up the money and started to count. it was a very large stack of bills.

There was at least 2 grand. I thought for a second wow what a life …no job stay at home all day and play with your kid and people come to you. then I looked over on the shelf were the black box was kept. there was a tazer a gun and a knife. then i remembered at any time someone could rob him and he could not even tell the police. they could take his child if they ever found out, and put him in jail. Anyone could be a snitch.

LMAO if you read this you are probably thinking why would you post something so crazy on here? well I post it because maybe it will give someone an insight on why drugs suck. Drugs affect everyone not just the user. remember this is my friend and I love his little girl and I am sure eventually he will get in trouble and i hate to worry about that. just a view into my life. (:

Drugs in the City

k2 also known as spice

So I find it interesting that drugs intrude my life so much and i do not do drugs or even like them. a few weeks ago I was watching the news and northern Kentucky changed the law. they changed it to were a person must have more drugs on them than usual to go to jail. they changed this law so that there would be more space in their prisons for people who do worse crimes. I was furious when i watched this because I live very close to Cincinnati and was born and mostly raised there. Cincinnati is very close to northern Kentucky obviously and so when this law was changed in Kentucky i knew it would affect the drug flow into Cincinnati and surrounding areas. sure enough today on the news they reported that there was more heroin overdoses than usual and so Cincinnati was cracking down on drug users…..I wander if the cops or any officials in Cincinnati have linked this to the changing laws in northern Kentucky or am i the only one who sees this? …just a thought.

weed is a very common drug among people these days. i find it makes people “zombie like” and I refuse to date anyone who smokes weed. the other day my boyfriend and I were at a 4th of July party and he asked me if he could “smoke”. I told him if he did, that i would stay friends with him but that I would no longer go out with him. I wonder how long our relationship will last now that he has to choose between going back to smoking weed or staying with me. or will he smoke behind my back? soon after the party I caught him smoking k2 but did not dump him because it is legal. if it becomes illegal I don’t know if I will be so excepting. im not even sure if i like it now while it is legal because of the “zombie state” that it seems to put people in.

sometimes i think about turning my cousins and friends in to the police in hopes of it stopping the bad habit that seems to separate me from my family but i know i wont because they are my family and I don’t want them to go to jail.